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Why hello.

Posted on 2007.04.12 at 19:42
I'm making my college choice tomorrow. All I have been doing lately is debating about it, and then I'll be like "well, I don't have to to decide this now". So I don't. But tomorrow I am.

I also think I'm going to go to Fredonia this weekend just to check the campus out one more time. If I can find a way to get to Potsdam in the next couple days, I'll do that too. It's be nice to see both campus's again just to reassure myself.

And just to make this entry like all my others - I haven't written here in a long time. But that's because I'm not so into LJ anymore..


xpredict_a_riot at 2007-04-13 20:16 (UTC) (Link)
ohhhh go to fredonia!!! esp if your gunna be a music major!
the_lampshade at 2007-04-14 19:34 (UTC) (Link)
Hey I was wondering if you could remove me from your hiddeninstars friend list. I've noticed you dont use that journal anymore, and I'm trying to clean up my friends list. Thanks!
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